Auto-share with stakeholders
Tank container surveys, with photos
sync'ed to cloud
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
5:20 – 6:10

Tank container condition recording on smartphones, damages recordings, with photo documentation, all sync'ed to cloud for office and stakeholders

For Liner agent Repair clerk Shipping line Surveyor Terminal operator Yard clerk Container fleet operator Depot operator ICD operator Inspector

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App Features

Real-time tank container condition inspection

Dry, reefer, special types

Per type or operator

Tank container number OCR scanner

Truck license plate OCR scanner

Splat chart issue indicator

Own inspection checklist import

Operator inspection checklist import

Pre-installed multi-tenant cloud

Any browser support

3 months archive


Report branding

Report customization

Reporting auto-distribution

Upload planned activities

Cloud shows over/shortlanded units

Search planned activities/units on smartphone

Barcode/QR scanner

OCR scanner

GPS location tags

GPS timestamp

Photos, unlimited

Photo finger-markings

Text comments

Smartphone(s) online or offline operation

Smartphone(s) to cloud sync

App Google Play download, unlimited


Cloud 3 years' archive

E-report cryptographic hash blockchain verification



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