Ro-Ro Repair Estimator
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
5:20 – 6:10

Quay Ro-Ro Operations Handling Recording

  • Google Play app download
  • Android app for smartphone or tablet
  • smartphone real-time ro-ro discharge
  • smartphone real-time ro-ro loading
  • smartphone vehicle make, model, colour
  • smartphone vehicle ID recording
  • smartphone discharge port and loading deck
  • smartphone loading lane & lane meter
  • smartphone status and remaining handling dashboard

  • cloud sync handling recordings
  • cloud visibility of vessel handling progress
  • vehicle, car, 4WD, truck, bus, trailer
  • construction, military, agriculture vehicle
  • smartphone VIN bar-code scanning
  • smartphone photo logging (damage documentation)
  • smartphone exception textual comments recording
  • cloud post-call handling volume performance measurements
  • cloud post-call recap
  • cloud post-call handling productivity performance measurements
  • cloud and smartphone stakeholder confirmed discharge or load sharing, agent, charterer, operator
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