Customer transport rates, surcharges, services
Cloud set rates, agents query
Transportation rates, inland, surcharges. Value add services.
Quote log. FCL. LCL. Vehicles. Breakbulk.
Watch CNN The Silk Road special report featuring arl-built business app.
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Maintain standard and customer transport rates, services and fees in cloud

For Exporter Forwarder Importer Liner agent Logistics provider Shipping line

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App Features

Transportation products select

Add-ons select

Standard(walk-in) rates

Customer rates

Port-port rates

Door pick-up/ delivery rates

Freight quote

Multi corridor quotes

Add-on quotes

Quote log

Quote status change log

Add-on rates


Pre-installed multi-tenant cloud

Any browser support

3 months archive


Report branding

Report customization

Reporting auto-distribution

Upload planned activities

Cloud shows over/shortlanded units


Indexed rates

Agreement management

Deferred rebates management

Web self-service quotes

Android smartphone self-service quotes

iOS/iPhone smartphone self-service quotes

Facebook page self-service quotes

WhatsApp self-service quotes

WeChat self-service quotes

arl Liner Platform Suite

Liner Schedule

Generate proforma schedules. Manage actual schedules.

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Liner Rates

Maintain standard rates and customer-specific rates.

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Liner Booking

e-Biz channels self-booking. Manage booking status and pass for execution.

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Liner Document

Document templates maintenance. Generate and distribute.

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Liner Dispatch

Generate and distribute dispatch orders. Manage execution status.

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